Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Modern English - After The Snow & Singles

After releasing Mesh & Lace Modern English went into the studio to record their new material but this time with a producer (all their previous releases they produced themselves). They chose Hugh Jones from the work he had done with Echo & The Bunnymen. As a musician himself Hugh encouraged the band to move away from the soundscapes of their earlier releases and focus on song structure. This resulted in the far more commercial sound that they stuck with for the next two albums. The most famous of these tracks is, of course, I Melt With You, which was a huge hit in the states, though not in their home country. The first release from this new style Modern English was the 12" only 'Life In The Gladhouse' which was an extended version of the track which later appeared on the album. This is a very speed bass track, which was also subsequently remixed by New York producer,Harvey Goldberg. The B-side was A Choicest View, an over 11 minutes, band produced track which harks back to the Mesh and Lace era. Next came the album 'After The Snow' which was followed by the 7" only release of 'I Melt With You' which was a re-recording of the album track, and the 7" & 12" release (though both formats had exactly the same tracks) of 'Someone's Calling' (a remixed edited version) with the aforementioned Life In The Gladhouse remix as the B-side. Again 4AD have collected all these tracks and released them on one CD, so if you haven't already got it go out and buy it. If you want to hear some of the singles then click on the link below;

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