Thursday, 17 July 2008

Modern English - Pillow Lips & Singles

It seemed like the end for Modern English when in 1990 Robbie Grey got a phone call from TVT Records asking if he would re-record 'I Melt With You'. Robbie was able to get Mick Conroy and Aaron Davidson to join him to record a new album and was able to get guitarist Gary McDowell to play on the re-recording of 'I Melt With You'. Many have commented that the re-recording sounds exactly like the original single version though I feel some of the mixes released gave it a new stronger sound. The album, without the lead guitarist, is very different to all the previous releases and has more of an easy going nature with more of demo sound for many of the tracks. I know it is not a favourite of many fans but personally I really like it and think it has some really good 'Modern English' tracks, for example Pillow Lips, Coming Up For Air and Take Me Away. There were three singles from the album, 'I Melt With You', 'Life's Rich Tapestry' and 'Beautiful People'. Each were released with a number of remixes by such renowned mixers as John Potoker and Graham Dove with 'Beatiful People' get a rap remix done by Mick Conroy himself. To hear the I Mlet With You mixes click on the link below;

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