Thursday, 17 July 2008

Modern English - Ricochet Days & Singles

The new album was pretty much written and recording was almost completed when 'I Melt With You' became a big hit in the states. Again this was produced by Hugh Jones and keeps the same sound as 'After The Snow'. There were two singles released, Chapter 12 (7" & 12" both including the same extended) by 4AD in Europe and Hands Across The Sea (7" edited version) by Sire in the US. These releases included two B-sides Ringing In The Change & Reflection which were produced by the band but keep the same sound as the album. A follow up single was planned with new track 'Breaking Away' which was to be backed by a remix of 'Machines' but it only got as far as the demo stage before the band started looking elsehwere. 4AD have collected all the tracks including the 'Breaking Away' demo on their Ricochet Days CD except for the remix of 'Machines' which can be found on 'The Best of Modern English: Life in the Gladhouse' CD. If you want to hear the singles tracks click on the first link below. To listen to a sound desk quality concert from the Ricochet Day US tour click on the second link below;

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