Thursday, 17 July 2008

Modern English - Stop Start

With the success of 'I Melt With You' and the failure of 'Ricochet Days' and it's singles to follow this up the band decided to change record labels from the independent 4AD to corporate Sire in the hope that major chart success would follow. Not all the band agreed with this and Steve Walker (keyboards) and Richard Brown (drums) left the band. Ex-March Violets band members Aaron Davidson joined on keyboards with drums played by a number of session musicians. They also changed producers to Stephen Stewart-Short, who had again worked with Echo & The Bunnymen. While Hugh Jones production made them sound like they were recording in a studio Stewart-Short's production made them sound like they were performing in a concert hall. They also had an even more mainstream sound to the songs moving away from their avant garde past. Despite all the changes and extensive touring the band didn't get the promotion they hoped from Sire and the album did not do well and Sire dropped them and it pretty much seemed to be the end for the band. To date this album has never been released on CD and is currently unavailable. There was only one single released in the US, 'Ink & Paper'. To see the video of 'Ink & Paper' click on the link below;
And finally to hear Modern English live from their Stop Start tour click on the link below;
STOP PRESS: Stop Start is finally to be released on CD!! It will be released by Wounded Bird on 4th May 2010. When available you can order it at


marc said...

Itry to download Stop Start, but i keep getting to a page askiing me for a user id and password?

Can you help?


I Melt With You Modern English Fan Blog said...

Hi Marc,
Apologies but it seems you will need to sign up to 'multiply' first before you can play the music. Just click on the link and sign up (it's simple and I've never had an spam from joining). Any problems email me direct to;

Anonymous said...

Much better if some1 upload it on mega or rapid. Im having problm in multiply. Thanks

Lawrence said...

Tried to download this and multiply says that the file is no longer there. I have been searching for a long time for this album. I can find the LP online pretty easily but I have no way of ripping it nor playing it. Can you PLEASE re-post this.


John Sposato said...

Need not worry, Lawrence and "Anonymous". I copied my US LP and it will be on my blog shortly. I will include bonus tracks!