Thursday, 17 July 2008

Modern English - Soundtrack

With re-interest in the band Robbie decided to re-develop the band. Robbie and Ted Mason had parted company but Matthew Shipley remained with the band. Robbie enlisted a new group of band members from the UK; Steven Walker (guitar - this is a totally different Steven Walker to the early band member who played keyboards), Matthew Shipley (keyboards), Jonathan Solomon (drums) and Ian Robbins (bass - Ian was originally with other 4AD band Colourbox). They toured extensively in the states writing and performing new material in 1996-8. To read an interview with Robbie from this time click on this link . They recorded a demo in 1998 of a track called 'The World I Want' which was recorded at Abbey Studios. With the lack of anything solid at this stage Ian Robbins left and was replaced by Nik Williams. Another set of demo's of the tracks 'It's Okay', 'Here Comes The Failure' (This is 'The World I Want' with new lyrics) and 'Sparkle'. Finally the band signed a deal with APG Music and went into the studio with Hugh Jones once again as producer to record the album 'Soundtrack' which was due to be released by APG Music in 2001. But unfortunately APG Music went bankrupt with 'Soundtrack' still unreleased. All that is available from this period is a live bootleg of one of the shows (marketed as 'The Best of Modern English' which has just been repackaged as 'Modern English Live' on iTunes) which includes the new tracks of Up In the Brain, It's Okay (which was planned to be the single), Here Comes the Failure, Blister, 24 Part Personality, Soundtrack and Deep Sea Diver.

The album is finally to be released by Darla Records on 24th May 2010. To pre-view and pre-order go to . The first track, 'It's Okay' is already available as a download single.

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One Of My Favorite..Thank You For Sharing Us The Informations About This Wonderful Band..More Power To Your Blog.