Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Modern English Mesh & Lace and early 4AD singles

Modern English signed to 4AD in 1980 and released the singles Swans on Glass (a raw power track) & Gathering Dust (an atmospheric post apocalypse track which was still a live favourite into the 21st Century) then the album Mesh & Lace (which has a post punk sound heavily influenced by Joy Division) followed by the final single from this era Smiles & Laughter. They also released on track, Home, on a compilation album released after Swans on Glass. Many prefer this first sound of the band and it is still fresh after all these years. 4AD have very kindly collected all these tracks together and released them on one CD 'Mesh & Lace' (CAD 105CD). If you want to hear some of these tracks from a live concert of the time then click on the link below;

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