Thursday, 17 July 2008

Modern English - Everything's Mad

After Pillow Lips TVT Records asked for a follow up album. This was recorded and presented to TVT who decided not to release it. After contractual problems with TVT, Robbie formed Engine. In 1995, with the legal issues with TVT sorted out, Engine evolved into the next incarnation of Modern English and signed to the Imago label, with Grey and new band members Ted Mason (guitars) and Matthew Shipley (keyboards). This line-up recorded in 1995 the album Everything Is Mad (which included mainly of the tracks written and recorded for the unreleased TVT album) which was released on Imago records. As an album it is quite an eclectic mix of rock tracks, vocal ballads and prog. There are a few tracks which have the old Modern English sound, most notably 'Here we go again' and 'I Don't Know Anything'. Only a promo single was released which had 'Elastic' as the first track and 'I Don't Know Anything' as the second. The album has recently been remastered and re-issued. It is interesting to note that every Modern English album released has always been shorter than the one before. Everything's Mad comes in at only just over 31 minutes.


eLf ideas said...

my favorite from this album is "I Don't Know Anything."

Anonymous said...

Everything's Mad may not be a memorable Modern English album but it's my favourite."Heaven" is a beautiful track.As well as "The Killing Screens."